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My name is Bonnie Lynn Hanna. I have loved photography since I received my first camera as a child. The thrill of capturing that special image still amazes me.

I am passionate about preserving the special moments in life ~ either of loved ones or the world around us.  I believe if it is done well, emotions, personalities, sentiments can shine through and scenes around us are then saved  forever.

When it comes to photography I am very serious.  It is my goal in every session to make it a fun experience while, at the same time, I am focused on getting the best, most beautiful image for you. I'm a bit of a perfectionist that way.

I expect  ~ and drive myself to give you ~ nothing but the best. Why? Because every person I photograph brings something new to the session and that is what inspires me to do my best.  

So, tell me, how will you inspire me and my camera? I can't wait to find out!!

To plan your session hit the "Contact Me" button to send me an email to schedule a meeting to discuss your thoughts and vision for what you want to achieve in the session or to purchase your favorite landscape pictures.

Portfolio of My Favorites

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