Images in Time by Bonnie


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I received my first camera as a child, and have enjoyed taking pictures ever since. The thrill of capturing a special image still amazes me!

In the galleries you will see that I like to record whatever I see: the birth of a child; a precious smile; a special day; a beloved pet; or simply a beautiful landscape; an historic building; or a treasured home and carefully preserve these memories of people, places, events, and celebrations - I love capturing time through my camera lens.

I believe there are very special moments in life- -Treasures - -worth saving and remembering. If you feel this way too I would love to help preserve your treasures by capturing your “Images in Time”

To plan a session, please contact me by email: Stop by to visit my facebook page: to keep up to date on new galleries, events and offers.
Thank you for allowing me to preserve your "images in time"